Am I a kind soul?

As an existential question, it’s right up there with Why do I exist? and How do we know if we’re doing the right thing?

Up until a few years ago, the question of kindness was way down on my bucket list. I had what I believed were much more important things on my mind, such as being a competent emergency room physician. Like many of my colleagues, I worried about every mistake I made on the job, big and small. Medicine is a profession where every error carries the risk of serious consequences. I worried that my lifelong battle with insomnia, coupled with unnatural shift work, would eat into my competence. I worried about being an older physician in a young person’s environment like the ER.

Join me on my journey around the world, to discover kindness and empathy in both myself and the unique people I meet along the way. In this book, you’ll also discover:

  • What motivates a group of bystanders to help a person who falls in the street
  • Why a firefighter runs toward, instead of away from, a burning building.
  • What motivates a teacher to spend extra time helping a pupil with ADHD.
  • Why a fast food business owner hires so many workers with disabilities.
  • How robots are being developed to help dementia sufferers.
  • Alternative therapies for aging Alzheimers patients.
  • What a ground zero bartender can teach you about kindness

And much more.


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